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Rain Bird Smart Irrigation Controller Installed For Free!

Get a Rain Bird RC2 smart irrigation controller installed for free with rebate from the utility. We install the controller; we submit the rebate. Zero cost to you. Call us for scheduling. Click below for more information.


Cornerstone Irrigation has been serving the Jacksonville area for over 20 years, providing a wide range of irrigation services. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We strive to meet that goal by performing quality work in a timely and professional manner. If our customers aren't happy . . . we're not happy!


Need a sprinkler system? We design & install complete sprinkler systems for all watering applications from start to finish in a professional & timely manner.

Having problems with your existing sprinkler system? We specialize in sprinkler repair and renovation. Pipe leaks, broken heads, faulty valves, faulty controllers, broken wires, we do it all. If we can't fix it no one can!


Having trouble with your shallow well pump not working properly or at all? We service, repair & replace shallow well pumps.

Tired of high water bills due to irrigating on a public utility meter? We can help with that! You can eliminate your watering cost to the utility by installing a shallow wells.


Just need a checkup? We will service your sprinkler system by inspecting and adjusting all sprinkler heads to maximize your coverage and watering efficiency. We will lower or raise heads as needed to ensure proper grade to eliminate possible future repairs. 


Having an inground pool installed and need irrigation rerouted? We can redesign and reroute your sprinkler system after your pool has been installed.


Have problems with flooding or standing water in your yard? We design & install complete drainage systems with various applications to dewater your property.


Having problems with flooding or standing water in your yard and don't have proper slope for a gravity drainage system. Sump pump system may be the solution to dewater your property. We install and repair sump pumps.

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We Are Ready To Work!
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